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  • 2nd February
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If You Thought You Were Mad About Susan G. Komen for Pulling Funding to Planned Parenthood, WAIT TILL YOU READ THIS!

The fact of the matter is that the Susan G. Komen foundation’s business is NOT finding a cure for cancer.  They are in the CANCER BUSINESS. 

Pulling funding from Planned Parenthood for cancer screenings is bad enough, but spending OVER A MILLION dollars in DONATED FUNDS to sue 100 tiny charities for using “…for the cure”?!  Think of what a million dollars could have done to help prevent breast cancer.  How many mamograms is that?  How many cancer treatments is that?  And aren’t these charities working toward the same mission?  To find a cure?  Not in the case of Susan G. Komen. 

Like I said, being in the business of curing cancer is different than being in the cancer business.

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